Full Metal Jacket Open Code version

 ...ON SALE! 

After I made available this strategy in Tradestation Trading App Store in late August 2016, after 60 trades on just one Gold Future (GC) in the next 5 months, Full Metal Jacket earned


More than 300 people subscribed this Strategy, and some of them are asking for an OPEN CODE VERSION, in order to make some adjustments and customizations (or simply translate this code to use on a different platform)...and here it is: the Open Code version of this Strategy...

After 20 Months Full Metal Jacket is still earning money, but now it works on 6 Markest and...  it's ON SALE! 







Full Metal Jacket will continue to be Available for FREE in the Trading App Store (as in the past 20 Months) but limited to Micro Gold Future contract: if you are approaching Strategy Automation, this is a good trading system to start with.

This same Strategy is now available for 6 specific markets as GOLD, PLATINUM, GASOLINE, HEATING OIL, COPPER, JAPANESE YEN futures, for a reasonable Monthly FEE of 49 USD (if you can trade these markets, I think you can afford this fee)  - you can visit the Tradestation Trading App Store and search "QTLab" to rent these strategies 


...BUT, If you want to Customize this Strategy on different markets, modify the code or work on that to improve it, or trade this strategy on Mutlicharts or another different platform, I have the last 7 OPEN CODE Licenses available for 1.990 EUR [regular price 2490 EUR] for Tradestation and Multicharts 

- 1990 EUR - 

[Regular price: 2490€]

Discounted Licenses still Available: 2 

If you don't want to use a Credit Card following this link you can 
use a WIRE TRANSFER (let me know and I'll send you the bank instructions

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Performance Report of the last 10 years on each of these 6 markets 

click here to download


...Performace Report from August 2016 to January 2017 (when the I made this strategy available inside Tradestation Trading App Store)



...a limited number of Open Code Licenses are available... buy your own license now! 






 Why "Full METAL Jacket"? ;-)

This strategy is very robust and this code can be easily customized to work on different markets (not just Gold).

The name of the strategy refers to Metals not just Gold, and you can work @PL, @HG, @SI (metals) but also other markets like @RB (gasoline) @HO (heating oil), @HG (copper), @JY (japanese yen) as well.

You can customize this open code to work on these markets, but in a couple of weeks after you purchase the open code version, I would be back to you providing the exact settings to make this strategy works also on other markets, like PL and RB

...enjoy! ;-) 














After I made avaiable Full Metal Jacket for these 6 Markets, these are the performance realized (6 Months):


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